The heartland of Laos in Southeast Asia has always been on the edges of civilization and viewed as an exotic culture by early Western travelers and explorers.  The Dok Phikoun flower is indigenous to the region and very special to the Lao Buddhists and its people. In the beginning of Lao history, the Dok Phikoun motif was used in jewelry pieces initially reserved only for the Lao Royal Family.  It is believed to bring the wearer good luck, good health and protection. The complexity and intricacy to make this special handcrafted design has slowly made this art form fade from the cultures existence. Our artisan family strives to keep this ancient art form alive by teaching younger Lao artisans and families their history and handmade craft. Our Dok Phikoun jewelry are the same ones worn in ancient traditional ceremonies, usually in gold or white silver.  Our hopes are that this art form will one day spread throughout the world to be enjoyed and worn by many. We take great pride in everything we do, from the very start of our production, to the moment it leaves our hands onto yours. Every handcraft piece embodies the pinnacle of Lao history and handmade work.