As Blanc de Noir & Co. continues to grow and create innovative pieces, we will continue to mindfully hold on to the beauty of our roots. Our focus is to be trusted by all of our clients, as we grow and reach new heights in the artisan jewelry world. Our passion leads us to create historical pieces that you will wear with pride.  There's always a story, a face and a family behind each handcrafted piece. Our hopes are that our story will spread from our jewelry throughout this world, as we continue to help our Lao youths and struggling rural families, by continuously teaching them our family's lifework. A portion of our proceeds goes directly to the Artist that made your piece. We take great pride in everything we do, from the very start of our production, to the moment it leaves our hands to yours. Every handcraft piece, embodies the pinnacle of Lao history and handmade work.


Defining the future through our past,

- Blanc de Noir & Co.